A Few Things to Consider Before Doing Nude Photography

Whether you want to start doing nude photography as a model or the person behind the camera, there are things to keep in mind. We have you covered, though! Read down our list of things you need to know, and you’ll be ready to begin your session.

Legal Things to Consider

When starting any kind of business, you cannot simply jump into it. The same applies to being a nude model or working with one. The most important thing about any successful business is definitely dealing with legalities properly. When doing nude photography, there are several things to consider. 

The first of the things you have to pay attention to is the age of your models. Nude photography doesn’t always mean it’s going to be erotic. Still, we’re sure we don’t need to tell you about how illegal and wrong it would be to take nude pictures of minors. Yes, even if they’re turning 21 in a few months. Ensure that all of your models are of age before shooting. 

Secondly, don’t forget about legal papers that need to be signed. It would be best if you get that out of the way as soon as the model shows up. This way, the model is going to be informed about everything they need to know, and they’re giving their consent for photos. 

There should always be a third party present in case of disputes. This is how you ensure you have a witness in case anything goes wrong. Plus, they can help calm the situation down if necessary. 

Lastly, the shooting location should be private! If you opt for shooting in public, you should always get consent from the neighborhood you’re shooting in. 

Personal Things to Consider

Once you have the legal side of things out of the way, it’s time to think about some personal things. There should be rules and boundaries set, and both parties need to be okay with them for this to work. 

The first thing you’ll want to think about is clothing that’s easy for your model to take on/off. This is helpful in many ways, one of them being that your model won’t have to stand around in the nude while you’re toying with camera settings.

Nudity immediately calls for the no-touching rule. You shouldn’t be touching your model under any circumstance. If you wish for them to change position, communicate it to them. In case you cannot get them to do what you want, try demonstrating it with your body instead. Touching your model, even purely professionally, is always a no.

You may not be cold, but your model is. They’re naked, after all! Not only that, but they’re supposed to pose for you that way for a certain period. This is why you should keep the room warm. Your model’s comfort should come above everything else. 

Figure out what equipment you’re going to use based on what you want to accomplish. However, we suggest you use longer focal lengths because they will make your model appear close and bigger in pictures. This is helpful because you don’t have to stand super close to them to take a good picture.

Aesthetics to Consider

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re trying to get out of your photos, let us help you. There are numerous aesthetics you can go with. You can even play with them during the shoot or have your model suggest something. 

The first thing we encourage you to try is black and white shots. This will make your photos look timeless and give them a certain edge. It will allow you to play with lights and shadows and make all the blemishes on the model’s body less visible. 

One thing you will want to avoid is sharp angles. Our bodies can bend in a lot of ways. Shooting from or creating sharp angles can make the figure look a little strange. Still, if that’s something you’re going for, it’s up for exploring. 

Another thing to avoid is the hand-bra shot. Again, this might be something you need to do depending on the kind of aesthetics you’re going for. Still, these shots can look quite tacky, so try your best to avoid them. 

Lastly, nude doesn’t always equal completely nude. You can find ways to make the body appear nude, even if your model has minimal clothing on. If you’re going to be taking pictures of the torso only, there’s no reason why the model should be completely naked.


Doing nude photography isn’t difficult. As with anything else, you simply need to be well-organized and cover all of the bases. If you’re a beginner, you can start by asking your friends or significant other to pose for you. This way, you’ll know they won’t be uncomfortable, and you’ll make great shots.