About Me

Art always fascinates me. While artworks could be interpreted in different ways, I admire every artists’ creativity to create beautiful masterpieces. As I explore other forms of art, one particular niche started to catch my attention more often – erotic art.

Erotic-art shows beauty, purity, and the complexity of the human body. It expresses deep emotions and an inseparable connection that always gets me. I started attending exhibits and collecting works from different artists. This made me appreciate these artworks, but it also made me itch for more. I thought that for me to appreciate it even further, I need to be in the situation of the models. With the connection I have with different exhibits, I got a gig to finally model for an erotic-art.

Modeling for an erotic-art allowed me to experience different emotions and a different level of appreciation for the art. I share my experiences, emotions, the stories of artists who are in the erotic-art for everyone to be more open in appreciating it.