The Inspiration Behind Tentacle Dildos

Yes, tentacle dildos. You did read that right. Where to even buy tentacle dildos? You’d be surprised by how many manufacturers make them. Ok, maybe not hundreds of them, but they’re definitely popular.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, we suggest looking at 3D hentai monster porn. You don’t have to enjoy it — just see what it’s all about. You know you’re curious enough to do it. Curiosity might’ve killed a cat, but it won’t kill an octopus.

Venture down this fetish hole with us and find out what tentacle dildos are all about.

Can You Satisfy Any Fetish?

The short answer would be — kind of, yes. However, what happens when your fetish is a little out of the ordinary? There’s a solution to that too.

Sometimes, there are certain limitations to satisfying a fetish, though. To stay on the topic of the article, let’s

Can Anyone Be a Nude Model?

Although art galleries are often full of joyous and beautiful pieces, it’s not uncommon to see something unconventional and abstract. And no, that doesn’t just apply to your local underground art scene. Long gone are the days of the Renaissance and the appreciation of human anatomy as something sacred and inherently good-looking. In the second half of the 20th century, Postmodernism brought us all kinds of surprises and subverted forms.

Today, freelancers in art gallery modelling don’t need to be Naomi Campbell to get work. Somewhere along the way, weird became beautiful and beautiful became boring. That means artists are on the prowl for unordinary looking people to become their models.

Photographing bare skin is a somewhat black-and-white situation. In the eyes of many, there’s a thin line between erotic high art and simple pornography. It’s an unfortunate mindset most people have, but either way, erotic art accepts all kinds …

11 Things You Might Not Know About Nude Models

1.Yes, it is possible to make a living doing this. But it takes a lot of hard work and a good reputation. For every hour spent in front of the lens or canvas, roughly nine million are spent networking, updating portfolios, organising work, advertising, applying to castings, travelling to and from locations, packing/unpacking for jobs/trips (because even nude models are expected, often, to bring props/accessories/items of clothing) and attacking what I like to affectionately refer to as ‘the email mountain’. We are grateful for the email mountain; it keeps us in business; we just wish we could hire some hobbit minions to live underneath it and help us out every now and then (perhaps with purpose-built sticks and digging equipment) so that we don’t accidentally offend the creative types who grow more and more anxious by our lack of reply (because we are busy modelling by day, or sleeping …

5 life models tell us about their experiences of baring all for art

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a life model? To disrobe in front of a room full of strangers and stand naked on a podium as they interpret your body through drawings, paintings and collages? Would it be liberating or mortifying? What if you got sweaty? What if the artists weren’t inspired by you, or worse laughed?

No doubt these questions rolled around the heads of the ten models we cast for Makings of a Man, but instead of running away, they fought off their inner critics and were brave enough to let our creatives capture what makes them, them. And we’re so thankful they did! Each of our models were selected for the various ways they represented the diversity of the male form, not only in the different ways they look, but also their background, interests and reasons for taking part, to build a …

6 Essential Things to Know About Modeling Nude For Art Classes

If you’re an art student, you’ve probably seen most of your friends naked in each other’s art.

Nudity just isn’t a big deal in artsy communities— as a matter of fact, it’s necessary and standard for learning about the human form. Human skin reflects light differently from clothes, so having someone wear a flesh-toned leotard wouldn’t suffice.

An art model poses, often nude, in front of the class, as students draw them. This seemingly simple job demands much confidence in one’s body, body awareness, and pain tolerance. If you’ve ever wondered how they stay so perfectly still, the short answer is that they don’t! They’re humans who feel pain, have limits, and take breaks for food, just like you.

How do I know? I work as an art model. If you’re curious about what it’s like, read on and find out:

  • Why it doesn’t matter whether you’re conventionally flawless
  • How

Art Modeling as a Career Path

There are so many different ways to be a model, and now more than ever, there is room for everyone in the modeling industry. One type of modeling that is a good fit for every adult model no matter what kind of shape or size they are is the oldest form of modeling: live art modeling!

Exactly What Is Art Modeling?

Art modeling involves posing for an art class and its students or, you can pose for a single artist interested in painting or drawing the human form. A live model is an invaluable resource for an artist learning to create portraits, which is a very challenging skill to acquire. Art modeling can be not only an excellent way to get comfortable with the act of modeling but also a good way to earn money—especially if you’re working towards your bigger career goal of being a fashion or runway model.…