Go Au Naturel at These Popular Seaside Spots

What are the best seaside resorts that allow nudity? Go au naturel at these popular seaside spots! 

Best Nudist Beaches in the World

Why are so many people afraid of the naturist lifestyle? It’s the 21st century, and we shouldn’t think it’s taboo to throw your clothes away and visit a gorgeous beach in your birthday suit! Of course, you’d probably get in trouble if you strip down at any random beach. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of some of the most enchanting nudist beaches on the planet! 

From South American nudist resorts where clothes are banned to artificial beaches in Europe, you’ll find a variety of stunning places where you can swim, sunbathe, shop, dine, or even party while naked. 

Cap d’Agde, France

There’s a reason why this clothing-optional resort is nicknamed “Naked City.” Over 40,000 nude and semi-nude tourists visit it each summer! 

The Cap d’Agde resort is located on France’s Mediterranean coast. This naked metropolis was built in the ‘60s. It’s still one of the unique places on Earth. It offers around 12 miles of coastline with soft sand and crystal blue waters. 

You’ll see thousands of nude people on the beaches here, but you’ll also see them everywhere else. That includes supermarkets, post offices, banks, clothing shops, and even doctors’ offices. And a word of advice if you want to visit: most of the locals keep things neatly trimmed or waxed down there, so try to blend in! 

Platja Des Cavallet, Spain

Platja Des Cavallet is a town located on Ibiza, aka the notorious party island in the sunny Mediterranean. Besides being home to legendary parties full of girls in bikinis and muscular surfers, Ibiza also provides some incredible nudist beaches.

In Platja Des Cavallet, you’ll find the stunning Es Cavallet nude beach. It is a must-visit location if you’re on the island and want to get a beautiful tan without those awkward-looking tan lines. Moreover, Es Cavallet is an official beach for nudists. It has a few divisions for nude partygoers, naturists who want to sunbathe, as well as an LGBT section. The adults-only area is roughly 0.6 miles long, but it’s filled with shiny white beaches and calming blue waters! 

Haulover Beach Park, Florida

In Florida, Haulover Beach Park attracts over a million visitors per year! The sand stretches for approximately 1.5 miles. Most of it is filled with nudists. If you prefer clothing-optional sections, you’ll find them at each end of the coast.

But, Haulover Beach truly comes alive in July. During the National Nude Recreation Week, you’ll see flocks of nude tourists and locals take part in various festivities. You can dance and relax at awesome DJ parties, try nude dining options, celebrate your naked freedoms, and even compete in skinny-dipping! 

Red Beach, Greece

Located close to Matala village, Red Beach is among the secluded au naturel resorts on the planet. It’s famous for its otherworldly sand that has a rust-like color. The beach is also surrounded by tall cliffs and ancient ruins. If you sit down on the sand, you’ll see nothing but water in front of you! This hidden beach resort feels like it’s on another planet, and that’s why it’s one of our favorites! 

Plus, most tourists avoid it because you can only reach it on foot. Nevertheless, the short 20-minute journey will definitely pay off. Even though the beach is only around a thousand feet long, it gives you the perfect blend of privacy and fun, especially if you visit Yiannis. This is a cozy and small bar that makes some legendary mojitos and other cocktails! 

Paradise Beach, Greece 

This beach resort is one of the most popular locations on Mykonos. As you know, Mykonos is the biggest party island in Greece, and it seems that its beaches are alive 24/7. In the southern part of Mykonos, you’ll find the legendary Paradise Beach. The festivities haven’t stopped here since the hippie era, and it’s one of the best places for party goers and fans of nude sunbathing. 

If you have an open mind and love to rock out in the nude, this is the spot for you. However, it’s not the best budget option. So get ready to spend a lot of money on your trip to heaven. 

Wannsee, Germany

Europe has a couple of interesting inland beaches made with artificial sand. Undoubtedly, the longest and most popular is found at the Lake of Wannsee in Germany. This resort offers an inner-city sand beach for nudists with family-friendly clothes-free sections. Obviously, you won’t get to enjoy the full benefits of salty seawater here. Still, Wannsee is a favorite spot for locals or tourists who wish to get away from the city for a while. 

Additionally, the beach is full of “Strandkorbs” or traditional German wicker chairs, waterslides, playgrounds, and more. Also, renting paddle boats is a favorite activity of many locals here.

Praia do Pinho, Brazil

Praia do Pinho is one of the most comfortable locations for naturists since clothes are banned here. Moreover, this was the first fully-nudist community in Brazil. In the past, it was a famous tourist destination, and it was popular because nudism was illegal in Brazil for many years. 

Currently, you won’t commit any crime if you visit this beach, but you could certainly find yourself guilty of having too much nude fun. Another rule for this resort is that it doesn’t allow unaccompanied men, which is great if you are sensitive about your privacy.  

Little Beach, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a perfect Hawaiian beach fantasy that doesn’t include bikinis and bathing shorts, Little Beach is the place for you! Located on Maui, Little Beach is yet another hidden resort that allows you to get away from civilization and experience nature to its fullest. The beach is surrounded by trees from the hillside, along with various rock formations caused by ancient lava flows. The beach is an incredible sight in its own right, but it truly comes alive when you add a bit of nudity to it. 

Plus, there’s an incredible marine sanctuary that you can visit and see sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and many other sea creatures. And on Sundays, you can attend the weekly drum circle full of fire dancers! 

Wreck Beach, Canada

This beach is a record breaker! It’s the longest and largest nudist beach in North America! With a length of nearly 5 miles, you’ll have all the freedom you can get here. It’s home to some lovely sandy stretches, pebble flats, and rocky formations. Behind it is a field of trees, and if you look at the water, you’ll see some snow-covered mountains on the horizon. 


Wreck Beach offers some of the most spectacular views on the planet! However, even though it’s massive, it can get quite crowded. Tons of University of British Columbia students and professors frequently come to this beach. It’s better to visit this beach during the holiday season to avoid those.

Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

This secluded all-nude resort might be the ultimate summer getaway for nudists. The Riviera Maya is an adult-only resort with 5-star ratings, and it truly offers a luxurious experience. It’s possibly the classiest resort for naturists on the planet! Here, you can spend your days while relaxing on the beach or by some lovely swimming pools. Plus, if you want to socialize, you can try some of the resort’s cooking classes. Alternatively, enjoy a full spa day in the nude to wind down and destress! 

Have Fun!

It’s time to add some of these amazing nude beaches to your bucket list and visit them eventually! Enjoy!