The Inspiration Behind Tentacle Dildos

Yes, tentacle dildos. You did read that right. Where to even buy tentacle dildos? You’d be surprised by how many manufacturers make them. Ok, maybe not hundreds of them, but they’re definitely popular. 

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, we suggest looking at 3D hentai monster porn. You don’t have to enjoy it — just see what it’s all about. You know you’re curious enough to do it. Curiosity might’ve killed a cat, but it won’t kill an octopus.

Venture down this fetish hole with us and find out what tentacle dildos are all about.

Can You Satisfy Any Fetish?

The short answer would be — kind of, yes. However, what happens when your fetish is a little out of the ordinary? There’s a solution to that too. 

Sometimes, there are certain limitations to satisfying a fetish, though. To stay on the topic of the article, let’s say tentacle sex turns you on. Your chances of having sex with an octopus or an alien that looks like one are slim to none if you ask us. 

Where do peculiar fetishes come from? Does it even matter? Let’s say you once saw hentai and decided you’re into having sex with centaurs. There’s no shame in having a slightly different taste than other people. We’re all different, and different things get us going.

So how do you satisfy your sexual desires? Your best bet is animal dildos (or monster dildos, if that’s what you’re into). Believe it or not, you aren’t alone in the animal fetish kingdom. There are dildos (and sex toys in general) that aim to please you and your kinky friends! 

There’s anything from wolf and tentacle dildos to dragon dildos. Do you want to have sex with a unicorn? It’s not a problem! There are unicorn penis dildos, even unicorn horn ones. So yes, you can satisfy any fetish with toys. Getting your satisfaction is easily within your reach, especially if you consider purchasing products

Types of Animal Sex Fetishes

This is the part of the article where we let you know that you’re in luck. Whatever your animal of choice might be, there should be a sex toy for you.

Not only are regular animals in the mix, but fantasy ones too. We’re talking unicorns, griffins, centaurs — you name it! When it comes to regular animals, you have even more options. 

So, we can say that there are two large groups of animal sex fetishes — one that includes regular animals and another, more fantastical, one. As you can tell by the title of this article, marine life isn’t excluded either. We’re not sure about other types of water animals (shark penis dildos?), but tentacle dildos are certainly popular.

Of course, you don’t have to use these dildos in solo play only — they can assist you greatly while role-playing too. Because what’s a stallion boyfriend without a horse dildo to accompany him? It just makes everything much more fun.

Finding tentacles and other monstrosities intimidating is only natural, even if they turn you on. It’s one thing to see them in uncensored hentai porn videos, but it’s completely different when it’s right in front of you. Not only before you but inside of you?! We promise the feeling is worth all of the psychological bypassing you’ll have to do.

We don’t mean you have to jump through hoops to accustom yourself to tentacle dildos. All we’re saying is they’re a bit different than other animal dildos on the market. Actually, some animal dildos look pretty much similar to a regular human dildo. It will make you feel safer using them, we’re sure.

You shouldn’t miss out on tentacle dildos, all in all. They might look strange but think about the sensations they will give you and how you can use them. 

Tentacle Dildos

Ah, finally, we’ve come to the most crucial part. Here we’ll describe the tentacle dildos and give you an insight into why they’re oh so great. Even though we’re sure you already know that. 

The origin of this toy probably comes from hentai porn. You know, the monster kind. That or people just have a thing for octopus sex. That’s fine too.

To start simple, imagine a tentacle, but not an incredibly long one — just big enough to serve as a sex toy. Think of a dildo with a suction cup except not so human-looking.

Tentacle dildo texture is quite ribbed. Besides, it can be flexible, and it can move around inside you. If that’s something you enjoy, this toy is definitely for you.

Tentacle dildos don’t shy away from different types of materials, either. However, they’re mostly silicone dildos. They can be made of glass as well and look quite fancy and fantasy-like.

Most of the time, they look like large, ribbed tongues. Slightly pointy (or tapered) at the top and quite girthy at the bottom. That isn’t the case for all of them, though. Some of them maintain the girth all throughout, so you can choose whatever you think will satisfy you the most. 

What’s also great about these toys is that their surface can be a little firm, but they’re also quite bendy, especially at the tip since it’s thinner than the base. That allows for the dildo to slightly curl. Just like a real tentacle would! Why? Your vagina isn’t infinitely deep. So, the toy needs to bend a little to fit better.

These dildos work wonders on your clitoris as well. They are textured well enough to drive your clit wild and long enough to penetrate you deeply. What’s there not to love?


You really can fulfill all of your Kraken fantasies with this peculiar sex toy. There’s no need for you to shy away from fetishes like this. They’re all up for embracing. After all, no actual (or fantasy) animals are harmed in the process of you enjoying yourself.

What inspires these dildos is definitely the hentai video scene. It’s quite popular, and some people just enjoy things that are a bit out of the ordinary. Luckily for you, sex toys that resemble what you see in anime exist.

Even if this isn’t something you’re into, give these toys a chance — maybe you’ll like them.