You Can Get Paid for Modeling Certain Body Parts

Although people usually associate modeling with grandiose photo shoots full of exciting props and flamboyant decorations, there’s a lot more to it. You don’t need to be Gigi Hadid to make a career as a photo model. You don’t need extraordinary looks to make a few bucks from posing in front of a camera lens.

Since modeling and photography are a big part of almost every industry in the world, you can apply certain parts of your body to advertise particular brands and products. Moreover, you can be a professional hand, foot, leg, or even hair model. That means that you can sell just a part of your body and make money from it.

Furthermore, you don’t even need to be naked or work in the adult business for it to work. Well, you know, regular people usually associate models with nudity and cheep pornography. However, you don’t need to expose your whole body and worry about your friends and family finding out. You’ll be completely anonymous, and you’ll save your identity from viewers.

We’ll explain to detail what’s the job all about and how to apply for one. And in case you’re looking for an opportunity for easy money or even starting a lucrative career, you’ll pick up some useful tips right here. So, without further ado, let’s talk modeling, shall we?

Hand and Foot Models for Fashion

Seeing how fashion brands are popping up like crazy these days, the market is practically begging for quality advertisement. The birth of social media allowed every industry to place products in front of the eyes of innocent bystanders. But with so many accounts and images, it’s important to stand out from the rest.

The same goes for shoes, jewelry, hair products, etc. To attract a potential customer, you’ll need to show them something good-looking and eye-catching. So, modeling agencies are always looking for foot, hair, and hand models. People with lovely hands and feet are key for fashion designers to advertise your watches, rings, and high heels.

It’s a growing industry, mainly dependent on Instagram and other internet-based markets. Therefore, looking to start a hand or feet modeling career might be a perfect way of making some pretty easy money. All you have to do is be still and patient.

Of course, taking care of the body part you’re willing to exploit goes without saying. So, there are some restrictions, for example, don’t play sports or go skiing. It’s key that you preserve your body as well as you can with beauty products and regular hygiene. And in case you’re good at it and people like what they see, you just might open the doors of fetish sites.

Modeling for Fetish Sites

Successful body models can always venture into the more lucrative world of fetish sites. Although some might have ethical or moral problems with that, there’s more money in it. In case you didn’t know, some people get turned on by particular parts of your body. For example, the foot fetish is a pretty well-known kink you see in mainstream pornography.

People find all kinds of things interesting and hot. So, watching someone’s feet and thin toes isn’t anything far-fetched. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s A-okay in our book. But no matter what someone sees as attractive, you can pretty much use it as your business model. If you have, let’s say, high arches and thin toes, you can agree to take photos of them and place them on fetish forums and sites.

But there’s much more than feet and toes out there. There’s pretty much an audience for every part of your body. Therefore, if fetish sites spark interest in you, starting an adult career might be a great business idea. And in case you’re worried about your identity, there’s no need for that because you’ll never show your face at all.

This modeling job is completely anonymous if you want it to be. A leg model is a leg model, meaning they’ll never show anything else other than their feet and long legs. The same goes for any other body part you’re willing to expose to others. It’s pretty simple, yet you can make serious money while doing it.

Why Body Part Modeling Isn’t for Everyone

Even if body part modeling is way more accepting, it’s not for everyone. You have to take care of your hands extensively if you’re willing to have a career in hand modeling. The same goes for every other body part. In some ways, you could say it comes with a lot of discipline.

Also, working models in the fetish industry agree to receive emails from strangers all the time. And even if most of them will admire your body, it’s somewhat creepy having people contact you constantly. Sure, some will pay extra to have unique and private photos. It’s not the same as working as an anatomy model in art school by any means, though.

What Agencies/People Look for in Specific Body Part Models

Most of the time, your employers will look for something unique. The whole point is to set the product apart from the rest. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have a chance if you’re missing a toe or something obscure like that. It’s about attracting people with something familiar yet different.

For example, high arches are more than welcomed in feet modeling. Clean and tidy nail beds, as well. On the other hand, hair modeling jobs will require your hair to be easy to maintain, and so on. It’s not an impossible task to make a career out of body part modeling, and you should try your luck in the business.

You should be open to all kinds of ideas. A cooperative model is the best one. But that doesn’t mean that you should agree to something that hasn’t been discussed before the shoot began. In case you’re not comfortable with something, say it out loud and don’t allow someone to exploit you.